Look At Him

There I was on the ground, looking up at the beautiful blue sky, concentrating all my efforts on the voice in my head that was screaming, “just hold on!” This wasn’t some Zen metaphysical chant – this was a literal command from my brain to hold onto the leash of my 65 pound dog. The dog had knocked me backwards and  was dragging me, my  arms fully extended over my head,  across the grass. I’m sure I looked like a land-locked water skier holding desperately onto the tow-rope of a runaway boat. The owner of the golden retriever who had gotten a bit too close for my dog’s comfort had a LOT to talk about at dinner that night. He shouted, “good luck” as he hurried away with his dog. I may or may not have heard a chuckle as he departed.

I pulled myself up on my quaking legs, adjusted my grass stained clothes, brushed some of the leaves from my hair and limped my way home. I can laugh now at the sight I must have been, but I sure wasn’t laughing the day it happened. Instead I started my quest to better understand the crazy dog we had adopted. I spoke to trainers, the vet and watched countless dog training videos. From one of the videos, I have learned the absolute most important command I can give to my “reactive” dog. It is three simple words that have changed my dog walking experience. The words are “look at me.”

I say this when we are walking and a loud motorcycle zooms by,”look at me.” I say it when a child on a bicycle passes, “look at me.” I say it repeatedly when we encounter another dog on a leash, “look at me.” The thinking behind the command is that if I get the dog’s attention off the thing that is scaring her and onto me, the master she has learned she can trust, she will settle and we can enjoy our walk together.

I imagine God quietly speaks the same command to us. Look at Me.

When our spirits are anxious and our hearts are clamoring for peace, I imagine He is calling, “Look at Me”. When the election cycle makes our minds spin and the culture makes us wonder where this whole mixed-up mess is headed I am sure He is pleading, “Look at Me”. When we wonder if we are fully understood and loved, I know he is assuring us, “Look at Me”. Oh that we would listen to His call. The choice is always ours: look at our circumstances or look at our Master.

Our God is trustworthy and true.  He has proven that over and over again. He know us intimately and understands our every fear. Whatever you are going through, He is walking right beside you. Will you Look at Him?

O, Soul are you wearied and troubled?                                                      No light in the darkness you see?                                                  There’s light for a look at the Savior.                                                 And life more abundant and free!

Turn your eyes upon Jesus                                                                         Look full in his wonderful face                                                              And the things of earth will grow strangely dim                                   In the light of his glory and grace

Cyndi Word





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